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Electronics and Electrical Trouble Shooters

We are introducing ourselves as the Expert troubleshooter for Electronics and Electrical units used in Imported and Local Machineries. We Are Experienced mainly on different Textile Industries Indulged in Manufacturing of Yarns, Fabrics, Knitting, Towel and Printing. Involving machines of Spinning Preparatory, Ring Spinning, Open End Spinning, Winding, Warping, Sizing, Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing, and Material Packing. Apart from these we also undertake the repairs of other engineering machineries like forklift, electrical transport systems etc.

We undertake repairs of AC drives, DC drives, Servo Drive, Electronic PCBs (Yarn Monitoring, Control Panels, Mother Boards, Uster Quantum 2 Guage and other critical elements). Schlafhorst: DC Power Packs, Q Boards, Section Computer (EHR), EYC (Electronic Yarn detector), Frequency Converter of Coromat and main Machine. Trutzschler: Servo Drives SM10, SM20 (Card TC03, TC07 &Drawframe TD03) PLC Systems, Touch Screen Informators, Temperature sensing units.

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Industries Served

With the back up of Experts and their long experience at the Industry we can Promise a better service and stable performance of the repaired parts.

We also do provide different solutions at sites if required.